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'Horror Stories' - Wii U Game Review

Aug 6, 2019

'Horror Stories'

Available on the WiiU and 3DS Nintendo eShop for $3.99 US

The game itself is very short....16 stages to complete it (4 shelves with 4 tapes on each shelf). There were only 4 different stage styles, 4 different killers, and 4 different characters you were trying to keep alive. The 4 similar areas/rooms only switched up the level design to keep things fresh....though all the action took place on one static screen (they did add rain storms in the back ground on some stages to mix it up).
The main object of the game is to stay alive by avoiding the killer and set 3 to 5 traps per stage, to slowly diminish the killers energy level until they are dead. Each stage usually gives you two hiding spots that the killer can't get to you....such as bed or cabinet, which is highlighted in blue. The traps are highlighted in green and you have to pick up the correct item to arm the trap by holding down a button while positioned next to you have to time this very well, as the killer leaves, since time out in the open is of the essence. When you pick up an item the trap it needs to be used on will blink, which is very helpful.
It is all patterned based.....the killer has two different patterns and, once memorized, you just need to exercise patience. The killers AI was a bit off as sometimes as he'd see me at the opposite end of the room and kill me, but I could walk around a potted plant at the same time he was near, and they'd never notice me even though I was in plain sight. Also, the killers could seamlessly walk through objects such as tables and farm equipment, while I had to walk around them, or would easily stop me if my character even slightly touched them. Oh, and once they see you, you are dead....even if you ducked around a corner and into a room with a hiding spot before they did....the killer was much faster and got you!
Around each room were strategically place sound note items that when touched would call the killer over quickly...if you could get out of range of the killers view, you were safe! But these were easily avoided by just walking around them.
For a $4 game it was a fun pixel title....I do wish there was a bit more meat in level variety, trap kills (only 2 kinds when activated), and creepers (one was a fat clown guy hunting down a little kid which was an odd choice IMO). The music was decent, but I was never taken into a scary atmospheric world at any point. I have fond memories of 'Sneak 'N Peek' on my Atari 2600, so this was up my alley. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars and hope they could build on this game with a sequel and a bit more polish.
3 stars out of 5